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The common name of Barnyard millet in Indian languages

  • English : Barnyard Millet
  • Bengali: Shyama
  • Hindi: Sanwa chawal (सांवा)
  • Kannada: Oodalu
  • Oriya: Khira
  • Gujarati: Moraiyo
  • Punjabi: Swank
  • Tamil: Kuthiraivaly
  • Telugu : Udalu, Kodisama

Nutritional value (per 100 gms)

  • Calories (KCal) 342
  • Protein (g) 11.2
  • Fat (g) 3.9
  • Fibre (g) 10.1
  • Iron (mg) 15.2
  • Calcium (mg) 11
  • Minerals (g) 4.4

Health benefits of Barnyard millet

  • Low in calories: It is a good source of highly digestible protein and is the least caloric dense compared to other cereals. Almost, one serving of barnyard millets (25g, raw) contains 75-83 calories and 1.5-1.9 g of protein.
  • Low in the glycemic indexThe carbohydrate content in Barnyard Millet is quite low. Hence it can be recommended for patients with cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • Dietary fibre: It contains a good amount of both soluble and insoluble fibre. The content of fibre in this millet is highest compared to other millets; it is as high as 12.6% including soluble (4.2%) and insoluble (8.4%) fractions. It thus helps in preventing constipation, excess gas, bloating and cramping.
  • Gluten-freeLike all millets, barnyard millet is also gluten-free.

Barnyard millet is one among the 5 positive millets, as recommended by Dr. Khader vali